Crystal Divination Sessions  

2Dvine Crystal Floriate / Riddle Divination

A session with the Crystals mayhap be what you need - why not  come and see if there is a way for your thoughts to be freed

Please read below before getting in touch - just so you get an idea of what to expect - there's not a Tarot or Angel card in sight.

 2Dvine Crystal Floriart / Riddle Divination

2Dvine Crystal Divination - Rebalancing your mind, body and 'spirit'

My Crystal sessions in Tenbury Wells are totally unique; they're all about making you open your eyes and think about what is really around you. To see not only with your physical eyes but with your heart and your intuition that anything is possible if you truly believe. They are not readings because no one can read a Crystal.

The rhymes are designed to make you think ‘outside the box', they don't always mean what you think they do – Crystals have a tendency to make you work for what you truly desire. I work with not only the Crystals but with my specially designed  '2Dvine Crystal Floriate Divination' cards, which originally came into existence in 2006. They have been re-designed a few times and in their present incarnation they are combined with my 2Dvine Crystal Riddle Divination' cards along with my Wands and Crystal Energy Balancing.


Harness the Strength and Vitality of the Crystals

It stands to reason that if Crystals are made by the awesome natural power of the Earth then they must also contain the awesome natural power of the Earth. Let this power be unleashed to help guide and unlock your true path - to start you on your journey to a new beginning and a new you.  This is working with the intuitive gifts and senses you already have and connecting these with the power of the Crystals.


How Crystals can help you

A session with the Crystals is all about looking, finding and ultimately stepping onto that pathway that has always seemed elusive. A pathway that if you truly need (not just want!) will open and fulfil your deepest desires. So let the Crystals guide you to what you know you need, but have waited for that nudge to take the first step onto. It takes courage to take control of your life and how you want to live it.

Crystals will not tell you your past or future but they will show you what is happening in your present, and guide you to 'see' the future you long for with a fresh perspective. If you are willing to learn to 'see' beyond what you can physically see and 'feel' beyond what you can physically feel - then the Crystals will help you.

The Crystals I work with are not always the ones you might expect.

2Dvine Crystal Floriate

2Dvine Crystal Divination Table

2Dvine Crystal Divination - Crystals by Enchantment

2Dvine Crystal Floriart / Riddle Divination





The question - is it serious or just a game - is it time to change or just stay the same?  
Can you open your eyes and look all around - and think about what can really be found.  
Not using those eyes but instead your heart and intuition - to see what is possible and bring things to fruition. 
Anything is attainable if you truly believe - the rhymes designed to give your mind a new lead.  
Learning to think ‘outside the box' - the Crystals have a tendency to make you work to unlock. 
So if you really want to find your way - a session may just help to change your day.

Sessions usually take an hour, sometimes more, and cost £60. Includes Energy Balancing and chosen Crystal.
Monday - Saturday - daytimes only at present.


It is and always will be – YOUR CHOICE. Please get in touch if your choice is to change.    Contact Me

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