Final chance to change your mind

Either close the browser or listen to your intuition and open up to what you just might need

It seems the Crystals have decreed - time for me to once again plant the seeds
Seeds to help others grow - and to the Crystals and their World flow
So who is this person I hear you ask this then is my answer – all I am is who I am a conduit enhancer
I think a lot in sentences most of which are in rhyme – which has been going on now for I have to say decades in time
Therefore, all I am is what I am and have always been – the question you should ask is do you want to see what I have seen
My ways of working with Crystals not everyone does agree – but to open up your intuition the treadmill I might just you free
My saving grace has been those me around – who have welcomed my ways and in me have found
Someone who no longer cares what people say – As they too have learned also not to obey
Not to obey the books of thoughts of many ('experts') out there – when what is within themselves is what they care
They have seen what the Crystals have to them shown – heard their Crystal’s Songs  without minds being blown
Felt what the Crystals to them have given – so they too can in the Crystals and their world live in
If what you need is to understand the feelings that you get – when into your life your Crystal’s songs you open up to and let
Then time to change what you have been told – and let the Crystals and their Word unfold
A word of caution it will evolve so much more – as another path has opened I have to explore
So if you are intrigued and want to find a new way – press the buttons below to maybe find your own new path to lay

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