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I love curious people - thank you for coming to this page.  The idea to put Crystals in boxes so they could not be seen came about because so many of my clients, students and customers wouldn't buy a Crystal without first consulting a book.  Therefore, The Pillow Box Crystal Company is all about Crystals without any: Books - Pre-conceived ideas - Descriptions  or Limits.  Nothing but pure crystals. The only barriers to working with them, if any, is how far you will allow your intuition and imagination take you. Because of their individuality - the components - colours of the boxes & bags, sizes of the crystals etc. will vary from item to item. They are packed and ready to go so even I don't know which crystals you will receive. 

The Pillow Box Crystal Company© - So named because 1) they are all Crystal based and 2) they are in Pillow Boxes! No fancy names made up to impress or deceive.  The contents are what they are straight forward no nonsense crystals with rhymes and guidance to stimulate your imagination and intuition.

The Crystals in the boxes you choose, or you receive as a gift, are in there because they are.  There is no mind blowing explanation just good old fashioned - they were the ones I picked up when I was making and packing them.  If you truly believe in the power of the Crystals then the ones you receive will be the right ones for you. Allow the Crystals to show you the way to creating your own unique pathway to change your life. Changing just one thing in the way you live that life can change your whole world. The power of a Crystal’s Song© is buried deep within your own beliefs. Listen with your Intuition and your Heart.

A simple statement: If you believe in something strongly enough and are completely open minded – then it will work or come true – if you don’t it won’t. Simple’

Lavender & Crystal Dream Pouches

Lavender & Crystal Dream Pouches

Lavender and Crystals combined together -They make the perfect match forever.  Lavender to induce an easy dream recall - Crystals to help make perfect sense of it all.  The trick is to listen to your Crystal's Song - So let it lull you into the sleep you long.  The guidance given in this set for you - Is simple, easy and straight forward to do.  The hardest part is learning to believe - Once you do the life you want you might just receive.

Cotswold Lavender and Crystals go together perfectly. Whether you buy this for yourself or you give it as a gift – please work with them responsibly and with great care. (Be careful what you ‘wish’ for - the desired outcome may not be as desirable once it has been attained). They range from Abundance to Worries - 26 in total.

They will help if you just want a good night’s sleep or even to make sense of your life – hopefully both.

Contains: Organza Pouch, Cotswold Lavender, 3 Tumbled Crystals and Guidance

Range & Purchase - £10.00

 The Pillow Box Crystal Company Crystal Charm

Crystal Charm

Read the rhyme inside to work out the reason - A charm will work but it must be this season.  If you give too much time to thought - Then the outcome could just be nought.  The rhyme and crystal inside should only be worked with for good - Otherwise Karma could rain down on you for not listening when you should.  This charm is for something you desire. - But be careful you are not playing with fire.  The creature imprinted in the crystal deep - Will give you inspiration and your heart pure keep.  If you can work with the instructions above - Then accept the crystal and all its love.

A Charm, a Spell an Enchantment is what this is or as I like to think a Wish.  You have to think long and hard before you put one out into the Universe.  You have to learn to differentiate between a ‘want’ and a ‘need’ – I cannot tell you what category your desire falls into but if it is something you truly have to have in your life then this will help.

Contains: Organza Pouch, Engraved Crystal, Paper & Guidance

Purchase - £7.00

 The Pillow Box Crystal Company

Zodiac Crystals

Zodiac signs are finicky things at the best of times - So how do you make sense of them in a rhyme.  People say each 'sign' has a significant personality trait - Or is it a case of at birth just watch and wait.  Let the crystals within the box - Allow your own uniqueness flourish and your future unlock.  Never be bound by what others have said - The course of your life is what is in your own head.  Whatever 'sign' you think you are - Trust your intuition and heart and you will always go far.

I do not give you your full personality traits as laid down by various Astrologers over the centuries, as I am pretty sure, you have either agreed or disagreed with them over the years.  Some you will accept and others well!!! On top of this you have probably read them elsewhere over and over again anyway. So the only thing you will find surprise, surprise is a rhyme.

All 3 crystals in this set reflect your personality. What you have with your Crystals is the chance to change or enhance that personality.  By working with your Birth sign crystal you can make your life easier or harder and working with your opposite it will make it harder or easier it is just your perspective. The question is which is which?

Contains: Satin Pouch, 3 Tumbled Crystals & Guidance

Twelve signs in the Zodiac - Click below to see the range.

Range & Purchase - £7.00

 The pillow Box Crystal Company Curiosity Crystal

Curiosity Crystal

Curiosity is a wondrous emotion - the feelings of which act like a potion. They push you to look for who knows what - only you will know when you should stop.  The crystal within is pure and natural - and will keep you safe when things might not be compatible. 

Curiosity Crystals can be worked with in the same way as the Lavender & Crystal Pouches – but curiosity is all about looking for things that arouse your interest not the status quo. It is, therefore, time to be curious – this crystal has chosen you – so it will tell you how it wants to work. Don’t even think about looking up its meaning in an ‘experts’ book. Listen to its Crystal’s Song – hold it, meditate with it, carry it with you, sleep with it – but never ever ignore it. It has taken zillions of years to come into your care – time to be curious – time to find out why.

Contains: Satin Pouch, Natural Crystal & Guidance.

Purchase - £4.00

 The Pillow Box Crystal Company- Self-Fulfilment

Self-Fulfilment/Life Choices

These sets are put together especially for insight – They are specific so will not be black nor white. Any words I am given will be written down – I cannot remove them even if they make you frown. The truth can bring both fun and laughter – But also a hurt which you might have to master. So if you really want your destiny to see – then give me the answer to the questions three.

This set is put together specifically for the person requesting it.  When purchasing it please let me have your name, date of birth and 3 numbers between 1 and 22 inclusive. As each one is divined and written for you personally please allow up to three days for it to be posted. If you have a specific question then please ask it - if the crystals think it is worth answering they will.

The items you receive will come with full guidance as to how to work with them, and insight into your personal power and where your path could take you. As with everything we all have choices – your choice is if you want to believe in your power and what you do with the information you are given. At the end of the day though if you were given the choice of two paths – the one you have always been on or taking a step onto the unknown path. Which would you take?

These sets are really not for the faint hearted – as with all the Pillow Box family they do not come with a guarantee but if change is meant then it will happen with all that it entails.

Contains: Sceptre Crystal, 4 Tumbled Crystals, Notebook, Satin Pouch, Insight and Guidance.

Purchase - £40

 Pillow Box Crystal Bottles

Mystical Crystal Essence Bottles

A mystical bottle is what this is – To try to bring into your life a bit of fizz. The idea is so plain and simple – The question is can you let your mind and crystal mingle. If you follow the instructions on how to work – Then what you gain could be a perk. Like everything in this world we live – You start by believing that what you get you first have to give.

The bottles are all hand painted (so colours will vary) and come with all the items you will need including full guidance.  All you have to do is add belief.

Contains: Mystical bottle, 3 Quartz points, Organza Pouch, Cotswold  Dried Lavender and Soap and Guidance

Purchase - £25