Half a century ago when I was about 10 I read a story which started something like this:

'She looked out of her bedroom window – and looked over the vast fields that spread out in front of her.  The pale yellow corn in the distance was being blown slowly backwards and forwards in the breeze.

She could see her ponies in the field below their teeth tearing at the grass in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

She turned and moved back into the room and then looked out of the window again.

What did she really see – row upon row of brick houses – their gardens back to back – there were no fields – no ponies – no corn. Just the houses as they had always been.'

I know why I remember it some 50 years later. It surfaces whenever I have doubts about a project I am about to undertake.  What I cannot remember is the rest of the story or how it ended or even who wrote it.

Everyone needs to let their imagination go once in a while – let it take you to wherever you want to be whether physically or mentally.

Don’t let the lack of imagination restrict you or your life – it is your biggest asset – no one else thinks the same thoughts as you do.

Imagine what you really want out of life and go for it.