So this is it no rhymes this time - I have pressed the button and taken the plunge.  The following appears on the Events page so if you have read that then I apologise for repeating myself:

I am unbelievably honoured to have  been asked to exhibit (and sell) my art during the Bank Holiday weekend – Saturday 5th/Sunday 6th & Monday 7th May from 10am – 4pm. The gallery is at  Kingcott Farm, Alcester Road, Flyford Flavell, Worcs. WR7 4DF (on the main road but in the middle of nowhere!) It is run by a lovely lady called Vicky (All Fired Up) who specialises in making and selling decorative glass and running glass fusing workshops.

Vicky and our paths crossed by chance - fate - call it what you will.  I haven't a clue as to how my art will be received by those of you who come but I have sold half a dozen already so I am taking that as a positive sign. I have always told my students to follow their hearts - intuition - gut feeling - this is now what I am doing.

This website will appear again in a completely different format when I have re-built it - it is going on in the background but Crystals by Enchantment will then only appear at the occasional fair.

So to everyone who has supported Malc and I over the 26 years we have been together and the 18 years we have traded - Thank You.

Light and Kindness to you and yours always.