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What is a blog if not somewhere to ramble - to be able to write - your mind to unscramble. So this is where my words will flow - the question if any is the answer only you will know. Some mayhap rhymes others could be riddles - but none will make you dance to another's fiddle.

I am who I am - I write - I draw - I sell - I teach - but my favourite place is to be on a beach One day I will get my wish to live by the sea - Until then I do what I love and can be who I want to be So follow me on The Enigma Cauldron's path - If nothing else it might make you think and even occasionally laugh

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at a time

Unsolicited emails I get a 'few'

A surprsing reply to one I actually replied to!  more  

Who reads this Blog - a test

This will be a test to see if anyone reads this Blog  more  

Crystals and Vintage Stuff Galore

The Crystals are all here waiting for new Guardians along with so much Vintage stuff that needs to go.  more  

Have found a new home for the Crystals

New premises / showroom for the Crystals to wait in for their new guardians  more  

Who made it is, but also when?

Any ideas to the backstamp would be appreciated.  more  

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